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"You're not going to want to miss his story; it's going to be a good one!" - Scott Fillmore

Everyone loves an “underdog” story and Mason Ludwig, 20, originally from North Branch Michigan is in the midst of creating a good one.  Mason is a first-generation “grassroots” driver. His family comes from generations of auto racing fans. Since day one of his career, Mason hasn’t had any links to the racing community.  Mason started racing when he was 7 years old. 


When Mason was just 3 years old his parents purchased him and his twin brother, Trenton, a dirt bike.  Mason’s been going full speed ever since. At the age of 7, he got his first taste of competitive racing at Arthur Raceway in Reese, MI, his local go-kart track.  He won a championship after his 2nd season which led to competing at a national level for 4 years before moving into a Bandolero. Mason was the first Bandolero driver to ever make a lap in Michigan and one of his proudest moments was winning the first-ever Michigan Bandolero Championship in 2014 at Spartan Speedway.  That was Mason’s only year in the series as he quickly progressed to the Legends division. Mason ran in the Legends division for 2 years before moving into a late model in 2017 and continuing to race at Spartan Speedway.  Big changes were in store for Mason in 2018, when he made his NASCAR series racing debut with Leicht Motorsports Driver Development in North Carolina.  Mason won his first-ever limited late model feature after just his 2nd start at Hickory Motor Speedway.   



Mason is one of the hardest working drivers you will ever meet both on and off the track.  Mason is determined to be a well-rounded driver; one who can not only drive but who also realizes there is more to racing than just driving.  Throughout his career, Mason has been hands-on with his equipment and setups. He understands the dynamics of the car which is valuable when it comes to communicating with his crew chief and team members.   He is also very active in his marketing efforts and continuously works on growing his fan base and social media presence. 


Early on, Mason made a choice to give back to the community during his racing journey.  Racing offers unique communication and fanbase resources and he has chosen to use them to support causes and charities, such as Lapeer’s Adoptable Animals, an animal advocacy group in his home community, The March of Dimes’ fight to stop premature births, and most recently, The Greatest Generations Foundation, a veteran based organization.


There is a need for more stories like Mason’s in this sport.  He’s simply a good person with a big heart, trying to make his dream come true while staying true to himself.  He comes from a modest background and has worked hard and earned everything he’s ever gotten. Mason is a young driver that all race fans will be able to relate with and admire.


UTI NASCAR Tech in Mooresville, NC

Automotive Technology + NASCAR

Director's Honors List

3 Student of the Course Awards

Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society Nomination


3rd Place Hickory Motor Speedway Fall Brawl Limited Late Model


NASCAR Advanced Auto Parts Late Model Series 6th Place Hickory Motor Speedway
4 Top 5 finishes

16 Top 10 finishes


NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Hickory Motor Speedway:

2 Feature Wins and 5 top 5 finishes

Myrtle Beach Speedway Top 10 finish Myrtle Beach 400 Pro Limited 


NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Hickory Motor Speedway Feature Win

6th Place Points Paramount Kia Big 10 Challenge    

6 top 5 finishes 


Spartan Speedway's Late Model Division 2nd Place Championship

Spartan Speedway Most Improved Driver Award


INEX State of Michigan Young Lions 1st Place Championship
Michigan Legends Series 2nd Place Points Championship
Michigan Legends Perfect Attendance



INEX State of Michigan Young Lions 1st Place Championship

Michigan Legends Series 4th Place Points Championship
Michigan Legends Perfect Attendance


Spartan Speedway’s Bandolero Division 1st Place Championship

Burris Thunder Tour
    6th Place Points Championship Jr1
    2nd Place Burris Shoot-Out Jr1
Arthur Raceway, Reese, MI
    2nd Place Points Championship, Purple Plate Alc
    Sportsmanship Award Purple Plate Alc
    4th Place Points Championship Gold Plate
    Fast Qualifying Time Gold Plate
Burris Thunder Tour
    6th Place Points Championship Jr 1 Clone
Arthur Raceway, Reese, MI
     1st Place Championship, Purple Plate Alcohol
     1st Place, State Championship
     1st Place, Mid-Season Championship
     (11) 1st Place finishes of the 2011 season
     (15) Top 3 Finishes
     (2) 4th Place finishes out of 17 total season feature races
     Fastest lap time for Purple Plate Alcohol
Arthur Raceway, Reese, MI
     Sportsmanship Award Purple Plate Gas
     Mid-Season Championship 2nd Place
     5th Place Points Finish, Purple Plate Gas


Fun Facts...

  • Mason has a twin brother, Trenton.  Trenton likes racing but chooses not to drive.

  • Mason's hobbies include hunting, riding his go kart and dirt bike, iracing, playing video games and listening to music.

  • Mason enjoys learning about history and his ancestors.

  • Favorite color:  Blue

  • Favorite race car driver:  Jeff Gordon

  • Favorite movie: Fury

  • Favorite food & drink:  Macaroni salad & Mello Yello

  • Team motto:  Dream Big; Work Hard

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