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 Mason has a love for animals.  He adopted his dog, a beagle named “Barker” from the Lapeer Animal Shelter in 2011.  He wanted to help other animals, therefore, he has partnered with Lapeer’s Adoptable Animals.  LAA is an organization that was formed with the purpose of supporting the community and homeless animals of Lapeer County, in hopes of increased adoptions and lower euthanasia rates.  The community has seen a tremendous rise in the number of adoptions since LAA’s inception.  Not only that, they are instrumental in creating community outreach programs that are helping save these animals lives and give them the loving forever homes they all deserve.

To date we are proud to say Mason Ludwig Racing has been able to donate a total of $2,100 to LAA along with much needed food and supplies.

Mason and his twin brother, Trenton were born prematurely at 32 weeks.  Our family has been a supporter of the March of Dimes' fight against premature birth ever since.  About 380,000 babies are born prematurely every year in the United States.  The March of Dimes provides funding to enable research to be done to find a way to prevent premature birth.

Along with supporting the March of Dimes' Mason is proud to help 501K organization, WD Racing.  Their mission is to help spread PPROM awareness and support families that experience premature birth.  The story behind WD Racing is one that immediately touched our hearts.  We urge you to take a moment to learn about their story and everything they are doing to support the cause.  WD RACING HONORS THE CHILDREN WHO HAVE LOST THEIR BATTLE WITH PROM/PPROM AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO WON.  

"Like" their facebook page here:  WDRacingToSaveTheBabies

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